First I want to clarify my understanding of the definition of a fashion leader. He/she should have two necessary characteristics: 1. He/she is a person who creates ideas first in their fashion arena 2. He/she has a huge group of followers. A person who has a large following but was not the first creator of an idea cannot be considered as a leader of fashion. Similarly, a person who has an idea first that many are not interested in following cannot be a leader either.

There is no doubt that the real leaders of fashion exist, but they are very rare because they should be very creative, predictive, talented and influential. There is only one such leader in each fashion arena.  In fact, most of the people on the list of actual fashion leaders are not qualified for the two requirements, so my question is who are they?

My answer is that they are the top several followers amongst a huge group of a fashion leader’s following.  Although their intrinsic qualities are still of the followers, their identity stands out from the rest of the copycats because of their top rankings. The top several followers have to possess five characteristics as listed below. Their rankings are based on the five requirements and the higher their ability to perform these functions, the higher their ranking:

1.       Keen perceptiveness: They are equipped with a sensitive radar to search for the first creator.

2.       Strong insight and foresight: They are able to predict how many followers the first creator will gain.

3.       Idea replication ability: They are able to copy or to diversify the idea without losing the most attractive elements.

4.       Rapid circulation: They are able to debut in front of the public as soon as possible.

5.       Individual influence: They have their own group of followers.

Possessing the five characteristics, they are also able to lead the relative fashion world although they are not the creators. Thus, the definition of the leader of fashion expands to include the top several followers. 

The creator is a legend, while the top followers are successes. Not only in the fashion world, but also in many other areas including business, science, the arts, games, etc. This phenomenon is applicable almost everywhere. To become a creator is extremely difficult because they need a unique vision but everyone has the chance to become one of the top followers by working hard.