The purpose of “Star Doll” is to embody the charisma and attractiveness of poplar stars such as singers, actors, athletes, and so forth, as plastic dolls on a 1 to 4 scale. Each doll’s dimension will be precisely four times smaller than the dimensions of the real-life person it represents.

The dolls are a cutting-edge combination of sculpture and toy doll, allowing their owners to customize the star’s appearance on an exquisite aesthetic level.  Additionally, They are highly accurate as they capture the stars’ most representative facial expressions at their most radiated moments, unlike the toy dolls, they embody a very realistic stature that look exactly as same as stars from faces to bodies without any cartoonish as the normal toy dolls.  Last but not least, each doll has 14 joints that can make its movements are very similar to human movements.

--by Yuanyuan Li--June 2007
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