Traditional Chinese philosophy believes that the human world shares the same law with the universe. So I am always interested in looking for the relationship between the rule of the nature and humans and in comparing the features of the natural elements and human beings together. 
When I saw a big mountain and the scattered crushed rocks, I was wondering what the difference between them is; what happened to the scattered rocks that had the same quality with the rocks on the top of the mountain. As far as human beings, the questions are who is considered as the useless one; who is obviously a personage; what happened to them; do we really know exactly who they are instead of learning about them by their locations? 

In Rock Blanket, I collected crushed rocks that were scattered around a mountain, took them back to my studio, cleaned them, crocheted them together with yarn that was leftover from my other crochet projects, and then brought the Rock Blanket back to the mountain.

--by Yuanyuan Li--May 2009

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