This piece was made for my parents who lived in my living room for several months when they visited the US. One morning in fall, we were surprised that the entire house was enveloped in millions of ladybugs. Since then, the room was always filled with ladybugs that formed groups around ceiling lights and corners. The result was, my parents became the ladybugs carriers who often left one or two ladybugs wherever they passed. Thus, when I see a ladybug somewhere, I feel that my parents were there.

I crocheted hundreds of ladybugs displaying some of them surrounding a white crochet lamp in the gallery. The rest of the ladybugs were in a box. Viewers were allowed to take a ladybug from the gallery. They would take pictures at a place they want to show to my parents with the ladybug in the photo and then upload the picture to my website. 
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--by Yuanyuan Li--