The 6th Gallery

August 21, 2010
Thursday afternoon, I met Jack at "Artist Review Today"(ART) Showcases downtown Cleveland and left a couple of my digital drawings there. I am very happy that they have space for exhibiting my big baby tree. 
This is the 6th gallery that I have signed in.

The 5th Gallery

August 9, 2010
Until today, it is the 5th gallery that I have signed in.
I am going to write a guild-line for new artists.  
Hopefully, it will give them some help in the future. 
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Man-Made Products’ Ecosystem

July 22, 2010

The natural world exists as a perfect cycle because there is no beginning or ending.  For example, if a deer dies, it may be the “end” of the deer’s life, but it is also the “beginning” of something new — like new plant life.  Nothing is wasted in the natural world because everything “old” is renewed in some way.  However, the human world is not a complete cycle, because “old” items are merely discarded back into the natural world as excess waste, and thus, damage the natu...

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I Hate Airplane

July 10, 2010

I don't like sitting in an airplane.  

That imprisoned feeling reminds me of the sprawling hair scenes in a Japanese thriller - I can never run away from entangling hair. 

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Star Doll

July 10, 2010

   The purpose of “Star Doll” is to embody the charisma and attractiveness of poplar stars such as singers, actors, athletes, and so forth, as plastic dolls on a 1 to 4 scale. Each doll’s dimension will be precisely four times smaller than the dimensions of the real-life person it represents.

The dolls are a cutting-edge combination of sculpture and toy doll, allowing their owners to customize the star’s appearance on an exquisite aesthetic level.  Additionally, They are highly accurat...
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Safe Zone

July 10, 2010

  When I became drenched and tattered in a tempest, my umbrella became useless. I felt I was so small and powerless in such a drenching downpour. I wished my umbrella could extend longer and longer till it reached my feet, and my shoes could rise higher and higher till I jumped out of the water. Thus, I would be in a safe zone.

I regard the area under the umbrella as my protection range. I never think of myself as a powerful person who has the ability to protect everything, but I do want to pa...
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I Saw

July 10, 2010
Each person has different perspectives of the same view. When I was wandering around the campus, I was attracted by the bright yellow and orange colors of tulips, the streamline of a flower bud, the illuminated bloom of a tree with translucent flowers, and so forth. I photographed them and then abstracted the most impressive parts of the views on the computer. Although my abstractions of the tulips cannot be seen in the real world, they always exist vividly in my mind.

--by Yuanyuan Li--May 2008

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Ladybugs footprint

July 10, 2010
This piece was made for my parents who lived in my living room for several months when they visited the US. One morning in fall, we were surprised that the entire house was enveloped in millions of ladybugs. Since then, the room was always filled with ladybugs that formed groups around ceiling lights and corners. The result was, my parents became the ladybugs carriers who often left one or two ladybugs wherever they passed. Thus, when I see a ladybug somewhere, I feel that my parents were the...

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A world traveler

July 10, 2010
Breaking Geofraphic & Time Conventions: 
the idiosyncratic space of a world traveler

    All human beings have been set up in the same outside system with its rules, which everyone should follow as common knowledge. While from my perspective, each person has his or her own internal comprehensive system. My project breaks geographic and time conventions by a new definition of one day, one month, one year, time zones and locations.  
  In the work, one may see that a day starts at the middle point...

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Rock Blanket

July 10, 2010
Traditional Chinese philosophy believes that the human world shares the same law with the universe. So I am always interested in looking for the relationship between the rule of the nature and humans and in comparing the features of the natural elements and human beings together. 
When I saw a big mountain and the scattered crushed rocks, I was wondering what the difference between them is; what happened to the scattered rocks that had the same quality with the rocks on the top of the mountain...

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