Many people are interested in astrology – “the study of the movements of the planets, the sun, the moon, and the stars with a belief that these movements can have an influence on people's lives”. Since the theory lacks scientific proof, people generally consider it as somewhat superstitious. However, traditional Chinese philosophy explains it in the way that people receive specific rays of light from the universe during a specific period and these different rays influence people’s characters as long as they live. For example, people will have a very close relationship with medicine if they have received rays from a star named “doctor” when they were born. It means these people will have a great interest in medicine and possess a very strong potential to become a doctor when they grow up.

The pattern of the “Birthday Shape “ is based on the  time, dates and people’s year of birth, together with the color shifting between his/her favorite color and least favorite color.  I am interested in exploring the relationship between people’s personalities and their birthday shapes. In addition, I regard Birthday Shapes as the portraits of people’s personalities and I believe that people who have similar Birthday Shapes can easily get along with each other.

--by Yuanyuan Li--March 2009

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My father’s Birthday Shape:
When I crocheted my dad’s birthday shape (27"x27"), one of the biggest shapes in the project, I realized that he was pretty old. I felt that the warm, soft and big blanket looked like a portrait of my father’s portrait that captured him as  a steady, lenient, strong and mild man. I could not help hugging it and missing him.

My best friend, Ada's, Birthday Shape:
She is a very retional and detail-oriented M.B.A.  Meanwhile, her birthday shape also shows those characteristics.  

My Pink&Red Birthday Shape:
Actually, I do not know what kind of person I am, but all of my friends say I looks exactly like my birthday shape.

Ada and Me:
Sometimes, I am curious why Ada and I can get along so well although we all admit that we are so different. But, the birthday shapes tell the answer.

Pattern of Birthday Shape: 

The 1st round: 24 stitches represent 24 hours. The favorite color is the background and the least favorite color is the birth time. Taking the right chart as an example, the person whose favorite color is green and least favorite color is red was born at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Start from the favorite color. When you reach the birth date, add a knot. The number of stitches between two knots is the birth date. As the right chart shows, the birth date is 11th 

One round represents one month. Once you reach the birth month, switch to the other color. As the right chart shows, the birth month is February. 

The number of rounds will depend on the person's age. The format is "Current Year- Birth Year=The Number of Rounds". As the right chart shows, the person is 9 years old in 2009.