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Jewelry Makers

Posted by Yuanyuan Li on Wednesday, March 17, 2010,
As a sculptor, I have always been interested in exploring the relationship between the human world and the natural world.  The arena of jewelry, in my opinion, marries the values of the human world with those of the natural world.  Every piece of jewelry contains the value of the natural material and the value of the jewelry maker at the same time. Unlike other areas of sculpture, jewelry making provides the scale to measure the value of the two worlds against each other. Through his/her inte...
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Who is the leader of fashion?

Posted by Yuanyuan Li on Monday, March 1, 2010,

First I want to clarify my understanding of the definition of a fashion leader. He/she should have two necessary characteristics: 1. He/she is a person who creates ideas first in their fashion arena 2. He/she has a huge group of followers. A person who has a large following but was not the first creator of an idea cannot be considered as a leader of fashion. Similarly, a person who has an idea first that many are not interested in following cannot be a leader either.

There is no doubt that t...

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