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August 9, 2010
Ivanka Trump
The Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenu
New York, NY 10022
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Dear Ivanka,

As a modern icon of wiseness, vigor, success and voguish-ness, you are the exclusive prototype of Ivanka Trump Doll, the first realistic, resembling human movements and cutting-edge stylish doll in the world. 

Unlike common dolls (toy dolls or small figure dolls), the Ivanka Trump Doll embodies a very realistic stature that looks exactly as the same as you, from face to body, without a cartoonish appearance as the normal dolls. She personifies your graceful and wise spirit as she capture the most representative facial expression and gesture at your most radiant moment. She will be a perfect elegant little art piece to wear your jewelry collection, to represent any fashion brand and to attract mass groups of your admirers and doll fans. 

Comparing with the wax figures in Madame Tussauds Museum that is famous for displaying and making realistic waxworks of celebrities, averagely each one costs about $300,000 because the waxworks were molded from real person. Due to this reason, the waxworks have to be limited in 1 to 1 scale, limited quantities, high cost, inflexible and petrifactive. On the other hand, the Ivanka Trump Doll can be scaled down to any size,  available for mass production, very low cost, set in any gesture and customized with various outfits as collectors’ willing because I AM THE MAKER

I am an aestheticism sculptor and received MFA education in the US. With my sensitive observation, solid sculpting skill, innate aesthetic sense and intense enthusiasm of Ivanka Trump Doll, I am ready and able to provide the perfect Ivanka Trump Doll. Please see a doll sample on my website: http://yuanyuanli.yolasite.com/stardoll.php

To summary, the features of the Ivanka Trump Doll list as below:

  1. High realistic and stylish, combining Fine Arts and Dolls together;
  2. A blank area with huge potential market;
  3. At the beginning point of Star Doll series and YOU have the perspicacity and ability to invest it and to be the perfect first prototype.
  4. When the brand of Ivanka Trump Doll build up, you, as a new idol, will be written in the memory of generation and appear in every girl’s dream.

If you are interested in the unique Ivanka Trump Doll, Please contact me via phone (740)274-9138 or Email: yl200507@ohio.edu. To see my art works please visit my website: http://yuanyuanli.yolasite.com. Besides that, I’d like draw your attention to A World Traveler (http://yuanyuanli.yolasite.com/a-world-traveler.php) that can show you my creative thinking and sculpting skill, and also a series of digital painting( http://yuanyuanli.yolasite.com/painting.php) that will show you my atheistic sense. 

I am looking forward to have a further discussion with you.


Yuanyuan Li

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